The Style Chimera Promise

Science is an appealing and methodical quest for a verifiable and factual picture of how our world works. Creativity, insight, ethics, observation, critical thinking and imagination are crucial in allowing scientists to objectively assess what, why and how our universe operates.

We are two scientists that are passionate about biology, fashion, décor and increasing productivity and efficiency in all walks of life.

In our blog, we promise to always be honest and truthful with the purpose of helping other readers out there attain a fashionable lifestyle on a budget.  Within this, we will include simple scientific explanations when relevant, in order to also help people understand more about life and how it works… from a simple understanding of beauty product ingredients (and how they work!), to what galvanized metal is and how it can make décor so cute.

When posts are sponsored, we will say so and do our best to honestly and faithfully review while maintaining professional courtesy. We want our readers to trust us.

We will never get political. We want to use our platform to inspire our readers, not influence their politics (we ask our readers to leave politics at the door as well)… However, you can count on us to find great deals on elephant and donkey swag when the need arises.

We will try to stick to a budget of less than $100 for everything we post (unless a higher price tag is justified).

We will try to predominantly post things we have tried, worn or experienced ourselves. No “word of mouth” recommendations here.

As every good scientist should, we will cite our sources, scientific or otherwise to give credit where credit is due.

We will respect you and we hope you will respect us. We want everyone who visits our blog (which basically looks into our lives) to learn things and feel comfortable. We will not tolerate rudeness or bullying in any way. Let’s all be considerate. We’re all in this together.