My Cart: Target

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll notice that I’m pretty good at not spending full price at Target.  It’s one way I’m able to get a lot of things on my wish list.

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My Cart: Walmart

I can NOT believe how strong the Time and Tru line at Walmart is this spring/summer!  I’ve already bought four tops and I’m seriously considering two swimsuits and two more tops I just found.  Here’s what I got and would recommend.

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Replicate: Johanna Ortiz Santa Rosa Top

This top is so fabulous I can’t even stand it!  Blair of the blog Atlantic Pacific makes it look so easy to style, but this one can be a little overwhelming.  For the right price though, I’d give it a try.  The dupe is pretty close to the one that Blair is wearing (I couldn’t find the exact one she has on from the designer so I featured one they currently offer).  If you end up getting this top, I’d love to see how you style it!

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