Fall Preview: Walmart

If you follow this blog, or follow on Insta, then it’s no surprise that Marta and I are big fans of the Time and Tru and Terra and Sky lines at Walmart.  I’ve made a couple trips to my Walmart and they are slowly moving fall stock in.  Here’s what I’ve seen so far and really like.  All picks under $50!

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Replicate: Storets Fishnet Eco Bag

As promised, here is another replicate from Storets.  This one made my jaw hit the floor.  They are so similar and the price is so different.

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Replicate: Storets Half Moon Straw Bag

I believe Storets falls into the budget-friendly clothes group.  I personally have never shopped there but I browsed their website and they have some cute things.  While I was looking, I was surprised to see a few bags that I either already own or are about to purchase.

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Replicate: Thread & Supply Wubby Fleece Pullover

This Thread & Supply fleece pullover made the rounds on IG last year with fashion bloggers.  This year, it was included in the NSale and a lot of bloggers grabbed another one.  I was on the fence about it.

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Clearance Swimsuits at Walmart!

If you need a swimsuit for a last minute trip, Walmart has you covered.  I’ve been stocking up for a beach trip next month.  I’ve purchased all of these suits and love each one.  Best of all?  They are ALL under $20!

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Update

I hope that you all did better with the #nsale than I did.  Everything I ordered needed to be returned because it was huge on me.  I followed the size guidelines and it was still very off. Read More