Trending: Palm Print

Nothing makes me think of Palm Beach, cruises, Florida and warm weather more than palm print.  I’m so excited that this pattern is having a big moment right now.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is Open!

Did you all get a chance to shop?!  The Nordstrom Anniversary sale became open to everyone at midnight last night.  I was passed out so didn’t get to shop until now.  For the last few days I’ve been narrowing it down to a couple things.

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Replicate: Sophia Webster Butterfly Heels

This week’s shoe #tbt is a fun butterfly heel by Sophia Webster.  When it first came out in 2014, the popular style was the black and white butterfly with the yellow toe.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’m sure you all know that the annual Nordstrom Anniversary sale starts this Friday (early access for card holders started last week).  I’ve gone through the website and put together my shopping list.  Here are the things i hope will still be in stock when Friday gets here.

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Replicate: Miu Miu Lace-Up Ballerina Flat

Let’s continue with shoe #TBT…

I’ll be honest, when I first saw these on bloggers a while ago, I didn’t really get it.  The pink ones didn’t even match!  I didn’t have any idea how to style them.

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Replicate: Lou Lou Dress Sundress

If this sundress doesn’t scream “I’m on vacation!”, then I don’t know what will.  I’m more comfortable with this dress as a cover up because of the low back, but that’s me.   It totally works as a dress if you can keep it on your shoulders.

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Beauty product review: L’Oreal Infallible Makeup


So, throughout my teenage years I was plagued with severe cystic acne that has left me with a lot of facial scarring (as in lots of pockmarks and hyperpigmentation). Now in my adult life, while I have fewer breakouts (really, will they ever stop?!), I still have very oily skin and discoloration. Add that to the facial scarring and it makes fiding a foundation that makes everything look even a very daunting task… That is until L’Oreal came out with their Infallible makeup line.

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