Marta is a Puerto Rican molecular biologist that loves solving scientific puzzles, reading, decorating and fashion (preferences not necessarily in that order). Born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, Marta became attracted to science thanks to the encouragement of her parents, who are both high school science teachers.

She started volunteering in scientific research labs (Neuroscience, Virology, Immunology- oh, my!) in her junior year of high school and hasn’t stopped working in science since. She is a Chemist (with a minor in Biology) and has an advanced degree in Immunology from the University of Michigan. She currently works as a Scientist at a biotech company and lives in Michigan with her amazing husband and three fur babies (the puggles, Forest and Coda and the shi tzu-terrier, crazy Boo).

Aside from science, she loves to read(her favorite place in any town she visits is the library) and decorate (interior design may be her real life calling).  She has also always been interested in fashion, but admits to being afraid of trying things out in her younger years thinking she could only fit in one bracket (the “sciency/nerdy/blah style”). However, as she matured she realized she could make herself fit into any style bracket she wanted. She now truly enjoys trying out new styles. Going to the lab with fun accessories is always a plus! Even if they sometimes have to hide under a lab coat… 😉