Outfit posts: March 2017

For March, I only took pictures of a few of my outfits so I’ll only focus on those in this post.

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Outfit Posts Week of April 17

I own 2 pairs each of the Old Navy Rockstar jeggins in Dark/Navy Blue and in Black. I did this on purpose because I have thighs that destroy pants very easily and this way I can make them last longer by wearing each pair once a week.

Some weeks (like this one), I basically just alternate between black and dark blue and just spice up the outfit with different tops/shoes/jewelry. Then, on Friday, I wear pants that are a pop of color.


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Outfit Posts Week of April 10

This outfit was top-to-bottom H&M. I first saw this ensemble on Mandi last year and, like the copycat I am, I had to have it. The Crepe blouse is just divine, but kind of sheer so I advise wearing a tank underneath.

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First Outfit Post!

In this section, both Mandi and I will be posting our inspiration for outfits, as well as give you a glimpse of each of our personal styles.

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Marta’s Random Thoughts

Growing up, I was always fascinated by fashion. The art of it, the colors and the confidence clothes can give you. But I admit I didn’t always feel comfortable exploring all these marvels because I was the “bookish” quiet nerd (although close friends would say I was more sassy than quiet).

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