Fall Preview: Walmart

If you follow this blog, or follow on Insta, then it’s no surprise that Marta and I are big fans of the Time and Tru and Terra and Sky lines at Walmart.  I’ve made a couple trips to my Walmart and they are slowly moving fall stock in.  Here’s what I’ve seen so far and really like.  All picks under $50!


One / Two / Three / Four

These picks are all going to be from the Time and Tru line.  I looked at the Terra and Sky line and besides basics, there weren’t any standout pieces…yet.  Hopefully, they up their fall game for this line soon.  Anyway.  Here are the tops that I think are real winners.  A lot of budget bloggers are raving about this thermal henley for less than $8.  I’m going to add The Style Chimera to the list.  This is a really good basic.  It’s a nice length and weight and the colors, which are quite a few, are vibrant.  I bought the camo print and a burgundy color and I think I’ll be going back for a white one too.  They also have black, mustard, slate blue and a floral pattern.

I love a good leopard print and this blouse is a great one for a budget.  Another basic that you’ll get a ton of wear out of.  Also comes in black with white dots and a yellow floral.  The anorak jacket is like a micro suede and is another surprise for the price.  It comes in four colors and plus and regular sizing.  I have a few of this kind of jacket already or I’d buy this one too for $23.

Ok.  Now for the fleece.  I told you about this Thread & Supply look-a-like a week ago and I finally got a chance to check it out in real life.  You guys.  It’s so good!  This is definitely the piece to get for fall from Walmart so grab one when you see it.  For starters, it’s super soft.  It’s also super thick.  This isn’t a pull over your tee type.  You probably just a need a cami, if anything.  It’s lined with micro suede so the inside is just as cozy as the outside.  the lining also makes it really warm, almost like a coat.  It’s bulky but doesn’t add too much girth so you should be able to get away with your normal size.  I will be wearing mine when I don’t want to wear a jacket.  Perfect transition piece.  I got the “blue” one (more like light gray) and I’m seriously considering going back for the pink.


One / Two / Three / Four

I’ve had a lot of luck with Time and Tru jeans.  Here I picked a skinny basic, a distressed skinny and a bootcut.  All three styles will get you to next summer and beyond.  These jeans come in multiple washes and colors, up to size 22.  And who doesn’t need a pair, or two, of leggings?!  This two pack comes in a couple color combos for $12, up to size XXXL.  No reason not to stock up!



I’m not really loving the shoes for fall at Walmart right now.  Mostly because of the quality.  But their sneaker game is strong!  They even have a couple mommy and me styles!  Here is another dupe for the Steve Madden Lancer sneaks.  Also comes in black.

Hope you like the previews so far!  Would love to hear if you guys end up getting any of these items!




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