Replicate: Storets Fishnet Eco Bag

As promised, here is another replicate from Storets.  This one made my jaw hit the floor.  They are so similar and the price is so different.


Left / Right

I bought the $4 bag a couple month ago and featured it in an unboxing IG story (so if you’re not following us on Instagram, you totally should!).  I am very happy with my $4 bag.  That’s why I was shocked to see essentially the same bag for $52!  Now, there are differences that are worth mentioning…but I don’t think they justify the $48 price difference.  The Storets bag is a bit bigger and comes with a zipper pouch to hide the contains of the bag.  So you basically get two bags.  But the $4 dupe comes in five colors.  So you could totally buy all five and still not meet the price of the Storets bag.  Decisions, decisions…



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