Replicate: Storets Half Moon Straw Bag

I believe Storets falls into the budget-friendly clothes group.  I personally have never shopped there but I browsed their website and they have some cute things.  While I was looking, I was surprised to see a few bags that I either already own or are about to purchase.

For these bags, I got them for a lot less.  Here’s the first replicate I found.  I’ll be featuring a couple more in the coming days so stay tuned!


Left / Right

I just put this bag in my cart and will update as soon as I get it.  I had my eye on it for a while and one of the bloggers I follow has it a lot on her IG.  I decided to see if she bought the same one I was about to buy or if I had stumbled on a designer dupe and didn’t even realize it.  Well, that’s how I discovered this cute bag from Shein was a dupe for the Storets one.  Now sure if the Storets one is a desinger look-a-like but even if it is, I still managed to knock off $41.


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