Clearance Swimsuits at Walmart!

If you need a swimsuit for a last minute trip, Walmart has you covered.  I’ve been stocking up for a beach trip next month.  I’ve purchased all of these suits and love each one.  Best of all?  They are ALL under $20!

I absolutely love the Time and Tru line from Walmart.  Not every piece, but each collection has a few great basics and some fun pieces that easily work into my wardrobe.  Their swimsuits are no different.  The quality is very good, the fit is on the mature side but stylish.  I haven’t taken them into the water yet, but trying them on and washing them once, they are promising.


Left / Right offers merchandise from other sources as well as their own brand.  Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not so much.  These two suits are from Zxzy.  I’ve seen these suits from a bunch of Chinese online retailers and on Amazon, so I knew that they would probably be small.  I was pleasantly surprised!  The green leaf suit is actually a little big!  Not big enough to fall down or anything but a bit tighter would be the perfect fit for me.  Other than that, I love it!  Especially the removable straps.  It comes in two other patterns.  The flowered one ran a little too small (weird, I know) and doesn’t have straps.  They are both keepers for me though.


Right / Left

My absolute favorite brand of swimsuit EVER is Simply Slim from Walmart.  This line speaks to my vintage soul.  I have yet to find a retro suit that matches this price with the quality.  I own three one-pieces from them and not this two piece.  They come in a wide range of sizes and patterns and are made beautifully.  There was a reason that women in the 40’s and 50’s always look good.  This style one one of them.  Grab this two-piece in four different prints for $10!  It really doesn’t get better than that.


Swimsuit, $10

Hope you guys are able to grab one of these great suits at a great price before they are gone!



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