Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is Open!!

I wouldn’t be much of a budget fashion blogger if I didn’t cover the annual Norstrom Anniversary Sale.  If you’re not completely burned out already for this sale, here are my picks.

To be honest, I wasn’t that excited about the sale…at first.  I saw the lookbook a couple weeks ago showing some of the things that were going to be included and I liked exactly two things.  Kinda strange for one of the biggest sales of the year.  I mean, I only shop at Norstrom for this sale.  So to find only two things, which I would probably have to fight for, left me a bit…eh…about shopping today.  Turns out that lookbook did NOT do justice to the sale.  Nordstrom came out STRONG with coats this year.  So if you’re looking to upgrade your outerwear game for fall and winter, then this is definitely the sale for you.  The coats aren’t under $100, which breaks our rule, but they are significantly marked down and I hope a good quality (I haven’t gone in store to see them, I’m just buying online).  The other pieces I included are under $100 though.

Oh, and if you love booties, this is a sale for you too.  I didn’t find any that were my style, so I don’t have any featured, but you all might want to give it a look for yourselves.


One / Two / Three / Four

First up are the coats.  The shearling and suede moto jacket has been on my list since last year.  Both of these are really good, I just want to see them in real life to get a price per quality read.  The last one comes in black too, which is also making the decision harder.  I am also always on the lookout for a good camel wool coat.  This one is a nice price from Kenneth Cole.  Distressed boyfriend denim jackets have been big lately.  Here is a really good one for $57.


One / Two / Three

Teddy coats were HUGE last fall and it looks like they’ll be sticking around this year.  If you didn’t grab one last year, here is your chance.  This isn’t even half of the teddy coats included in the Nordstrom sale.  These are just my favorite ones.  That first one comes in two colors and I bought the last one.  Still debating about that middle one but how many teddy coats do you possibly need?  Might take more research…


One / Two / Three / Four

If you aren’t sick of that fleece pullover yet, I’m impressed.  It was all over IG last winter.  I can’t tell you how many bloggers featured it multiple times and swear by it.  I have to admit, they convinced me as well.  They say it’s super soft and warm and the best thing ever.  It comes in four colors and can be yours for $52.  The cable knit cardigan comes in charcoal as well (I grabbed that one).  I absolutely love cable knit sweaters so I wasn’t going to pass this one up.  The pink one is sold out in my size online or I’d have that one too.  The last two sweaters come in multiple colors and are nice basic pieces to start your outfit.


One / Two / Three

There is still time to get a great deal on a swimsuit for a last minute vacay this summer.  This one-shoulder suit comes in black as well and is so chic.  The price is great at less than $60.  I bought this french terry swing coat.  I’m hoping it’s like wearing a fancy sweatshirt.  Also comes in gray.  And last but not least is this beautiful jumpsuit.  I’m loving jumpsuits at the moment and this one would be great for a mid afternoon wedding.  Comes in four colors including two prints.


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