Mask Monday

I got my haircut over the weekend.  While my new stylist was cutting my hair, she asked me “how does your scalp feel?”.  Hesitantly, I said fine.  What was she getting at?  Then she says, “cuz you have a dry patch here”.

Now, she clearly said dry patch.  But my brain translated that to bald spot.  I pretty much spent the rest of our time together wondering if my hair was starting to fall out.  So this week’s mask is one for the hair.

I used to use Aussie’s Three Minute Miracle treatment once a week.  I have been severely lacking with that so I wonder if that is why I have this dry patch now (no hair stylist has ever told me I have a dry patch on my scalp before…) Anyway…

I decided that I was going to go back to my routine with the Three Minute Miracle but first I had to do something more intense right away.  I didn’t have any masks that specifically target the scalp, so I went with one that was supposed to be “intensely hydrating”.  I thought that it would trickle down to my scalp, cuz, you know, I’m putting it all over my head.


I’d bought this one from Walmart (for a $1!) a couple weeks ago.  I have other products from this Soo’ae brand that I like so I was pretty confident that this one would be a winner too.  Sadly, in this case, you get what you pay for.  While other hair masks I’ve bought for a few bucks have been great, this one did not live up to the expectation of “intensely hydrating”.


Usually, my hair feels soft and silky right after a mask.  This time, it did not.  It really didn’t feel any different. This mask also said it was a detangler.  I did notice that part.  And the smell was really nice.  Also, every mask that comes in a pouch should have the little screw top dispenser like this one.  So easy.  You win some you lose some.  I would recommend spending your $1 on something else.  Maybe head over to the Wet n’ Wild or the E.L.F. section.


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