My Cart: Forever 21

So many good finds at F21 lately!  If you are over 21, you can still find some great budget pieces there…you just have to make wise choices.  Here is what I snapped up during sales.

I must have subconsciously been wishing for a vacation because a lot of my purchases have been tropical inspired pieces.  I’m hoping to get in a nice vacay this year, so if we can work it out, I’ll be ready.  Any who…here we go!


Top / Pants

I loved this outfit so much, I bought the whole look…for less than $45!  The pants are plus size and look so much more expensive than they actually are.  They lay really well but be warned, they wrinkle easily.  The top comes in plus size and regular sizing (see link above).  I got the regular size (I’m bigger on the bottom half than the top).  The top is a little on the thin side, not see through but it might not last through a ton of washing.  But for what I paid, it’s to be expected.  it’s sold out right now, but keep a look out for it to come back.  I’ve had luck with certain things coming back in stock.


Dress, $25

Speaking of things selling out, this dress sold out twice before I was finally able to grab my size the THIRD time it came back in stock!  It’s such a cute print and shape.  Well worth the wait and I even managed to get a promotional code for it!


Dress, $30

This dress was featured in an email that F21 sent me advertising vacation clothes.  I bought it immediately.  The print and the style make it seem so much more expensive than it is.  The material is silky and lays really nicely.  It is just a bit too long for my height (5’4″) but it’s so beautiful, that I can’t even be mad at it.  I love the way they styled it here so I grabbed a similar pair of sandals from Walmart for $10 (which are SUPER comfy btw).


One-piece, $25

I was looking for a suit like this for a couple months.  I love all the simple one-pieces that are out now and I love the saying!  This suit will be great for saying in place while playing with my two little ones.  I have never bought a swimsuit from Forever 21 before and was a little nervous about it, tbh.  But I watched this suit for a while and when it went on sale, I took a chance and grabbed one.  I was pleasantly surprised!  I knew that a regular size suit was not going to fit me, so i went with a plus size.  It fits really well and the quality is very good for a $25 suit.  The color is so pretty and will look even better with a tan.  If you don’t like the pink color, they have this really pretty mint green one as well.


Top Row: One / Two / Three / Four

Bottom Row

Confession time.  I have a problem when it comes to earrings.  I love them.  The bigger the better.  But I have a hard time wearing them everyday.  I get self conscious, like I’m trying to hard.  But that doesn’t stop me from collecting them.  Those first three all come in another color (I was hard to pick which one to go with).  the white flower ones look like pairs I’ve seen at Bauble Bar and on bloggers and the fringe gold hoops go perfectly with the flower midi dress above.  Now, I just need to work up enough nerve to wear them…


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