Mask Monday (a little late…)

I wasn’t able to get to a mask this past weekend because we had a wedding and it was crazy hot.  But I did squeeze in a mask for Fourth of July!


I was really excited to try this one.  You might have noticed that I like clay masks.  This one, found in the masque bar at Walmart for $2.50, was just calling my name.  I’ve never done a mask with avocado and rice.  I liked the fact that it says nourishing, cuz I feel like my skin needs that right now.


Left: the mask right after application  Right: after 10 minutes.  Starting to crack and very stiff.

This was not a sheet mask, so I used my mask (foundation) brush to apply it evenly all over my face.  It went on really nicely and I was able to get a pretty thick coat from the package and still had some left over.  I did the full 10 minutes.  My face felt really tight and I couldn’t smile, so I knew it was doing something.  I washed it off in the shower.

I would definitely buy this mask again.  I would like to see what the long term affects of this mask would be, like if I did it once a week for a month.  I’ll probably pick up a few more the next time I’m in Walmart.  If you try this one out, let me know how you like it!


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