Beauty Product Review: Hallu Exfoliating Body Scrub

Sorry guys.  I didn’t have a chance to do a mask this past weekend, which is a shame because I had a great one lined up…   So instead, here’s a body scrub I’ve been using for a month.

I found this brand, Hallu, on an endcap one day in Walmart.  What caught my eye was the colors, shapes and names.  Hallu has four categories of products: gnome, fairy, unicorn and mermaid.  Each one is has a different scent and focus, like mermaid products tend to moisturize while gnome products seem to purify.  Each one has lotions, bath and shower bombs, soaps and scrubs.  I grabbed this Green Tea Wanderlust Foaming Dry Scrub because I liked the ingredients and it’s supposed to detoxify.  With pumice, charcoal, and coffee it seemed like a good gamble to get rid of some dry patches I had around my ankles.



While I was pregnant, my legs got pretty swollen so I didn’t get to give my feet the attention they deserved for a few months.  And since it was winter, they were really not happy with me after the baby.  I needed some more power than my usual foot scrub and thought the Hallu one sounded promising.  It smells like the earth, but in a good way.  It even looks like dirt, lol.  But it is just the right amount of scrub to get rid of the dry patches and not hurt.  Plus, the foaming is a nice touch.  I started using it just on my feet and within a week, of everyday use, my dry patches were almost completely gone.  A week after that, my feet were so perfect and soft!  I liked the feel of the scrub so much, I started using it on my upper arms to see if it would take care of those little bumps I get every now and then.  I’ll let you know if it works!

All in all, I highly recommend this scrub.  It’s cute and fun and it would make a great gift too if you need something for a fast, inexpensive gift.  Throw in some gnome bath bombs and a lotion and you’re good to go!


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