My Cart: Target

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll notice that I’m pretty good at not spending full price at Target.  It’s one way I’m able to get a lot of things on my wish list.

I have absolutely no problem stalking an item until I get a deal.  I don’t think that it’s time wasted…despite what others might think, lol.  Anyway.  My Target is going through a HUGE remodel right now.  Some things I like (easier registers, new displays), somethings I hate (less dressing rooms, weird cafe), but over all the change is quite nice.  Reminds me of the stores I visit in CA.

Right now at my Target, the clearance is really good.  I’ve noticed that Target seems to be turning over their clothing selection pretty fast.  It’s become a lot faster to get something on clearance these days…if they still have it in stock.  Most of the items I’m going to talk about were clearance finds.  Others I grabbed when there was a good sale.


  Left / Right

I grabbed both of these skirts on clearance.  I liked the striped skirt for a while, but not enough to grab it during a sale.  When I found a couple on the clearance rack in my size, I pulled the trigger and bought one.  The wrap, ruffle style of this skirt is still very popular right now and for $20 I can try it and see if works for me.  It’s from Who What Wear and their line has been a real surprise for a permanent Target brand.  The black skirt I grabbed for $7!  It’s a nice staple that I predict will be wearable for many years.  And it reminds me of being on a safari in the 40’s.  It’s the new Universal Thread line that takes inspiration from Madewell.  It’s sold out online so check your Target stores, you might get lucky!  Both of these skirts come in plus size as well.


one / two / three

So, when I like something, and I feel I look good in it, I buy it in multiple colors.  This one shoulder bow top is one of those cases.  This top is so cute and fits so well.  I was a little nervous about the peplum becasue I still have baby weight but it was surprisingly flattering and so cute!  I was excited about the khaki color because there is an outfit I was trying to copy from my favorite DIY blogger  and this top is perfect for that.  Plus, it would look so good with a tan.  I love gingham so getting that one was easy.  I got the khaki top on sale and just grabbed the gingham on clearance!  You guys have no idea how long I stalked this top to get a deal.  So glad it worked out.  Plus size is on sale online, but it looks like you’ll have to check your stores right now for the a deal on the regular size.

I also stalked this off the shoulder top for a while too.  It’s for another blogger look I’m trying to copy.  It also fits really well and has a nice weight.  I got it on sale.  It’s full price right now and I never saw it in stores, so you might have to grab it when Target does another tops or Who What Wear promotion.  It comes in a pretty blue striped pattern and in plus size!


Earrings / Handbag

I absolutely love the Sugarfix by Bauble Bar line of jewelry at Target.  Bloggers love the regular Bauble Bar line, but it can get a little pricey.  Sugarfix gets it’s inspiration from current bauble Bar designs but at Target prices.  Ball drop earrings don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.  I have about three pairs already in different colors but couldn’t resist getting this pale pink pair when they went on clearance.  The picture really doesn’t do them justice.  They are a little more pink in real life and have a slight sparkle.  It’s hard to explain… but they’re definitely worth a look, especially at half price.  They come in a bunch of other colors too, but you’ll have to go to the store if you want the discount, they are still full price online.

The blue bag was an impulse buy.  I didn’t think twice about this bag when it first came out and at $35 I thought it wasn’t worth it.  At $11, you have my attention.  I love this shade of blue and I don’t have a bag this color.  So, it’s an easy way to see if I get good use out of it.  Then I might upgrade so a designer brand.  You’ll have to check your store, because it’s still full price online.



Again, when I love something, I buy it more than once.  These shoes are so beautiful in real life.  At $23 they are a steal.  With an extra 40% off, I don’t feel bad buying more than one.  They are super comfortable and come in wide sizes as well.  Highly recommended.


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