Mask Monday

This past weekend was crazy busy and HOT!  I decided to go traditional and try a pampering mask from my favorite brand of face masks..Posh.


This Go West face mask from Perfectly Posh was just what I needed to try and balance my skin out.  This mask has red clay, volcanic ash and peach powder to balance and gently exfoliate.  It’s not a thick mask, but it’s effective.  You can see the small, black flecks all over my face are the ash ready to exfoliate when I wash the mask off.  When I do a traditional mask, and by that I mean one that is not a sheet or peel off, I apply it to my face with a foundation brush that I’ve designated just for face masks.  I use this E.L.F. one I got for a couple bucks.  It works great for getting an even application and it’s super fast.  I am definitely going to do this mask again.  The exfoliation wasn’t anything spectacular, but my face was nice and soft and the smell while it was on was amazing...which was new for me with face masks.  It was just a nice 5-minutes of “me time” that I needed to make it through our busy Saturday.  This mask has recently been retired by Posh, so if you want to try it, it’s only while supplies last!



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