Steal the Look: Carrie Bradshaw

I remember seeing this outfit on Carrie in the movie and thinking, “that has got to be the most relaxed I’ve ever seen Carrie”.  Finally a CB outfit that was attainable!


Shirt / Jeans / Wrist band / Shoes / Bag 

It has been a while since the SATC2 movie, but I think this look is still current.  I mean, it’s a plaid shirt and jeans.  The look-for-less shirt fell into my inbox by way of a F21 email ad.  The moment I saw it, I thought of Carrie in this outfit and knew I could FINALLY copy one of her looks for way less.  The accessories proved tricky, since the look is a few years old, but I think I got pretty close.  Personally, I’d choose these shoes or this pair over the ones like Carrie’s, just because I like pointed toe rather than round…but to each her own.  And here’s another option for jeans, because I know F21 can be a tricky fit for people.


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