Mask Monday

I wanted to move away from charcoal masks and try something moisturing or anti-aging or anything else for you guys…but my skin is acting up a bit so I needed to purify.


I found this mask from Walmart.  They have this end cap full of masks, all for $2.50 each.  I get a lot of things to try from it.  This one caught my eye because it was charcoal and seaweed.  I haven’t done a seaweed mask before but I know seaweed is good for the skin.  It was also my first sheet mask.

Sheet masks are really popular right not.  I understand the appeal; one use, easy application, less mess…   It just didn’t work out like that for me.  This mask had a thin, I guess you could call it a wrapper, on both sides.  To put it on, you had to peel off one side, which was difficult.  I couldn’t find the layer I was supposed to peel because everything was so thin and flimsy and slimy.  But I did manage to scrunch them apart so I could grab the layer that was supposed to come off.  I put it on my face.  It was really big.  I had to keep adjusting all over, especially around my eyes, to get it to sit right.  I ended up folding it up a bit over my chin because there was so much.


This mask is more a serum than a traditional thick mask.  So there was a lot left over in the package.  You can squeeze it out and add it to the sheet mask or apply it after you remove the mask.  I put it over the sheet.  There’s also no washing this mask off either, which kinda threw me.  There was a lot of serum left on my face after, so I ended up wetting my fingers and taking a little off.

Once everything adsorbed into my skin, I was pleasantly surprised at how soft my skin felt.  But other than that, this mask is nothing special.  And with all the drama that went into just getting it onto my face, I don’t think I’ll be trying it again.


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