Replicate: Staud Moreau Bucket Bag

I’m sure you guys have seen many fashion bloggers with this bag lately.  It’s one of the summer’s “It Bags” (along with a couple new Cult Gaia styles).  I have mixed feelings about it…


Left / Right

When I first saw it, my knee-jerk reaction was “I don’t get it”.  Then I moved to “that’s weird”.  I mean, it looks like a cheap terracotta flower pot in a macrame sack.  But I started seeing more and more outfits with this bag and it started to grow on me.  I’m not sure if this Moreau bag will have the staying power the Cult Gaia Ark bag has had, which is why I will not be investing $375 right now.  But if it shows up again next summer, I may reconsider…

Staud sells the Moreau bag in a bunch of colors.  This pink one is sold out but you can pre-order it.  I like the simple brown one (which is the one I’m seeing the most and the one that looks like the terracotta pot).  I will be on the hunt for a dupe of the brown color.  But until I find it, here is a pretty pink color that I’m seriously considering.



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