Mask Monday

This is my favorite charcoal mask of all the charcoal masks I’ve tried.  It’s one of the more expensive ones, as far as face masks go, but I highly recommend it.


Clear Proof® Deep-Cleansing Charcoal Mask, $24

I did this mask at a Mary Kay party my friend had.  The consultant had us do the mask then follow up with the skin care line specific for our skin type.  For me, it was the TimeWise line in combination.   I loved the way my face felt so much, I bought it all!  I’ve been using the TimeWise skin care system every morning since I tried it and I think it has really helped my skin.  I still get small breakouts around that time of the month, but it has helped dramatically clear up my skin since giving birth (my skin was in really bad shape after I had my baby).

The charcoal mask itself is really cool.  As it dries, you can see the gunk coming out of your pores.  You’ll see small, or large depending on the size of your pores, dark spots on your face.  Some people will see different colors.  This is just how different junk in your pores reacts.  For me, I saw the biggest and darkest spots on my nose and chin.  This wasn’t a surprise since my pores tend to be larger in those spots.  My cheeks didn’t have any dark spots.

My skin felt really good after I took the mask off.  Nice and soft and since I could see all the junk coming out of the pores, I knew it was pretty clean too.  I followed up with the TimeWise skin care regime and my face continued feeling soft the whole evening.  It was so nice it convinced me on the spot to buy all of it.  But I do think if you just want the mask, you will see results with just that.


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