My Cart: Target

Target has had some really good stuff lately.  Like, really good.  They’ve also done some really good sales too.  This is what I’ve purchased over the last few months from promotions and clearance.


one / two / three / four

The green dress was such a surprise.  It’s from the junior line, Xhilaration, but it fits really well.  Sometimes I can find really great pieces from the junior’s section.  This dress is on clearance right now online and in-store.  The colors are much prettier in person than the picture.  If you can find it, I suggest giving it a try-on.  The next two dresses are the same dress, just different colors.  You guys.  This dress is a MUST!  The weight is heavier than what you’d expect from Target.  The fit is great and it really looks and feels more expensive than it is.  A couple weeks ago there was a BOGO sale on dresses so I got both of them and the jumpsuit (jumpsuits/rompers were included).  This blue jumpsuit from A New Day was also a pleasant surprise.  The material is almost like a silk and the fit is surprisingly flattering for a jumpsuit (and that’s saying a lot coming from me because I’m still carrying almost all of my baby weight).  I plan to wear it with my white blazer.  Just be sure to check the zipper.  I had to order it online because my Target only had one of each size and my size had a tricky zipper.  When I’m in a jumpsuit, I don’t have time for a tricky zipper.



one / two / three / four

All of these bottoms are on clearance!  I plan on wearing both these pairs of shorts a lot this summer.  Gingham is almost a neutral at this point and how cute is that little ruffle on the black pair?!  The white skirt is a really nice material that looks more expensive than it is.  The picture seriously doesn’t do it justice.  The striped skirt is a nice casual skirt if you want to be a little extra.  And at clearance prices, you can get all four!



one / two / three

Last week all handbags were 20% off…so I stocked up.  🙂  The large round straw bag is really popular right now on the blogs.  Target has a small cross body version of this bag as well.  At $23 I couldn’t pass up the large version.  I stalked the white round bag for months.  I finally found one on clearance at my Target.  It’s not on sale online, but it does come in three colors if you don’t like white.  Keep an eye out at your Targets for deals that aren’t online.  I featured the red bucket bag as a replicate a couple weeks ago.  I fell in love with it when Target first put it out, not knowing it was a dupe.  It immediately went on my watch list and I grabbed it the second it went on sale.  As usual with me, I have since found several other bags from other stores for similar prices.  But this Target one is still my favorite.



 One / two / three

On to shoes.  Again, there was a sale of 20% off all shoes.  It might seem kinda excessive to have two pairs of slides with tassels.  But the blue pair (which also comes in a really pretty burgundy) has a sheen to it that makes them kinda dressy.  The raffia pair is more casual in my opinion.  I love the way they look with the blue maxi dress above.  The thong sandals are so much nicer in person.  They make me feel like I’m in Morocco.  I love clothing and accessories that make me feel like a world traveler.  They also come in black.



one / two / three

And here are some random finds.  This cute tee has an embroidered parrot on the pocket and is on clearance.  I watched those earrings for a while and randomly found them on clearance at my Target.  They are still full price online.  The gray tennies remind me of expensive brands right now.  I wear these without socks.  I hate socks in the summer.


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