Mask Monday

I’ve got another hair mask for you guys.  This is a true mask, unlike the deep conditioner featured last week.  I found it hiding among the shampoos and conditioners at Walmart, but you can also find it at Target.  It’s less than $3.


The packaging says “instant” and “results in 1 use”.  I have to admit, I was skeptical.  My hair is not in that bad of shape, so would I notice any difference?  My hair is a few inches past my shoulders and not very thick, so I didn’t use the whole package.  But I was very generous with the first use.  I have to say, my hair was very nice when I finished styling it.  Nothing ground breaking but it was soft and shiny and it wasn’t that frizzy after blow drying.  I’ve since used this same package two more times and will be getting a fourth use out of it.  If you have longer or thicker hair, you might not get as many uses as me, but I think you’ll definitely get more than one.  Overall, this mask performed well with my hair and I was happy with the value.  I would suggest giving it a try.


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