Mother’s Day Gift Guide – Under $100!

Mother’s Day is approaching fast.  If you’re still trying to figure out what to get your mom, the mother of your child, or any woman for that matter, check out our list.  Even the fine jewelry is budget friendly!

Sleep and Lounge wear


                                    Top Row:  Robe / Night Gown / Robe / Slippers / Booties                                       Bottom Row:  Pajama Set / Robe / Pajama Set / Night Shirt

I really enjoy getting pjs, robes and slippers as gifts.  I don’t like splurging on things like that but very much appreciate when some does the splurge for me.  I love the flowered robe and matching night gown.  It’s important for moms to feel pretty.  Even though we probably won’t be getting a lot of sleep, it’s still nice to look good while we try.  If you live in a place that has winter, a big fat robe is so nice to have when you get out of the shower or just want to snuggle into a good book.  This robe comes in multiple colors if pink is not her thing.  I’ve also included a jersey robe for all seasons.  You can’t tell from the picture, but those slippers say “enjoy life”.  Who couldn’t use a little reminder when the kids are acting crazy and you’re overwhelmed?  They also come with “sweet dreams” and other patterns.  Those cozy booties come in about 12 colors too.

Personalized Gifts


Shop:  Recipe Box / Keychain / Mama T-shirt / Mother’s Ring / Birthstone Necklace / Mug Set / Star Chart / Name Necklace / Constellation Necklace / Bracelet 

I LOVE wearing or having something that’s just for me.  When my first son was born, my husband gave me a tennis bracelet with his birthstone.  Later, I treated myself to a necklace with a tiny letter “g” for his name.  After my second son was born, I bought the name necklace above with both of their names.  It’s become the most interesting, and special piece of jewelry I own.  This year, why not treat her to something made just for her to remind her how loved she is?

Health & Beauty


        Shop:  Bath Bomb / Body Scrub / Hand weights / Exercise Top & Pants / Make-up Bag / Perfume

How cute is that Mom Bomb bath bomb?!  There’s a “surprise” inside it!  I have the Claying Dirty body scrub and I looooove it.  It’s not super scrubby so it won’t hurt your skin, but it leaves it feeling really soft and has a pretty floral scent.  If she’s said she wanted help getting into shape or is already active, try a fun new workout outfit and some colorful hand weights.  Exercising is always easier if you have on a cute outfit and the equipment is fun.  The floral print make-up bag comes in three different sizes.  Make-up bags can get funky after a while so she’ll like carrying a fresh one.  Princess by Vera Wang is my all time favorite perfume.  It’s not a really heavy scent, but it’s very pretty and memorable.  Highly recommend it.

Just for Fun


                                       Top Row:  Mug / T-shirt / Elephant Print                                                                 Bottom Row:  Tote / Coloring Book / Book / Mug

Fun gifts are always well received.  Give her a laugh or put a smile on her face.  Adult coloring is a big thing right now so here’s a coloring book she can relate to.  If you are on Twitter, I highly suggest following Honest Toddler (the mom behind the handle is the author of Toddlers are Assholes).  So funny and so true.  I’m seriously eyeing that sweet elephant print for my son’s nursery.  It just warms my heart looking at it.

Fine Jewelry


Shop:  One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven / Twelve / Thirteen

Jewelry is always a special gift.  Right now, there are a lot of sales on fine jewelry.  I focused mostly on diamonds because the color means they go with everything.  A classic tennis bracelet never goes out of style and I personally feel each women needs a pair of diamond stud earrings.  I’ve added some “mother” necklaces to make her feel proud and some stackable gemstone rings for her to mix and match.  If her style is simple and not sparkly, those ball stud earrings come in three different metals.


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