Mask Monday

You’ll notice, as time goes on, that I’m slightly obsessed with charcoal beauty products.

I don’t hesitate to buy the latest mask or face wash if there is charcoal in it.  My skin really responds to this ingredient.   I found this single use charcoal bubble mask at Walmart for $2.  They have a bunch of different masks on an end cap in the beauty section.  You’d be surprised how many they offer for two bucks.


This was the first “bubble mask” I’ve ever tried.  It was a little tricky, to say the least.  As soon as I started spreading it over my skin, bubbles started forming.  I had to move really quickly squeezing the mask out of the pouch and putting it on my face, but I wasn’t quick enough.  You’ll see in the picture that it seems patchy.  That’s why.  But I did manage to cover my whole face in bubbles.  The longer the mask bubbled, the more my face tingled, so I knew something was happening.   The instructions were to massage the mask on my skin as I washed it off after it started to bubble.  When I started to wash it off with water, I was surprised to find that the mask, under the bubbles, was still creamy, like when it came out of the pouch.  I was a little confused but kept washing and working the mask into my skin.  When I finally got it all off, I put my usual face lotion on for the day.  My skin felt AH MAZING!  Really soft and it felt tighter.  The next morning, it still felt soft!  I’m pretty much sold on bubble masks.



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