My Cart: Forever 21

If you get emails from Forever 21, you might have noticed that they’ve been doing some really good sales lately.  The best one was  a few weeks ago where all the sale items were an extra 50% off.  Here are a few things that I’ve grabbed from various sales.

Forever 21 had a sale where all dresses were 50% off.  I had been noticing lately that F21 was doing a really good job of having dresses that were clearly designer inspired.  I was watching a couple, waiting for a sale and when they went to 50% off, I didn’t hesitate to order.

Picture180Dress, $33.60

This dress reminded me of some Tory Burch dresses that came out last year.  I believe she was inspired by Ukranian vyshyvanka, which is shirt featuring the traditional style of embroidery of different regions of Ukraine.  They are gorgeous so I’m not surprised that Tory Burch borrowed the style.  This dress is a budget friendly way of getting the look, without the travel.  I ordered a large but easily could have ordered a medium.  The fit is loose so it’s pretty much a matter of how fitted a look you’re going for.  The quality was surprising too.  I’m definitely going to be wearing this dress for a few years.  Now I’m on the search for those cool shoes she’s wearing in the picture.  They also have this dress in red and a slightly different fit and in plus size.  There’s also this long dress in plus size too.  Or this short dress in olive green and red and the plus size version, which looks exactly like this Tory Burch!  I might grab both if they go on sale…


Dress, $26.60

This dress reminded me of Kate Spade.  Just a simple, striped dress but oh so classy.  It ran a little small, the material has no give whatsoever.  But the quality is very good and I think it’s a dress that you could get a lot of use out of.  It’s on major sale right now and comes in black stripes as well.  F21 offered the plus size too, but it seems to be sold out.  But keep checking!  They do bring items back!  This goes for the embroidered one above too!


Earrings, $5

I also bought these earrings to go with the dress above.  I couldn’t find the exact ones the model is wearing, but I had to have the whole look.  These were the closest match.  And for $5?!  That’s like nothing!


Sweater, $33

This sweater was such a surprise.  I grabbed the white and black when there was an extra 50% off.  I love that it’s a little longer and the blouson sleeves are just as cute in real life as they are in the picture.  They still have some left and they even have an olive color.  Stock up for next fall!


Ballet flats, $5

I bought these cute flats at the full price of $13.  I liked the color.  They are what you’d expect for the price.  I’m hard on my flats so I got these as a test run for a nicer pair in the same color.  I do this a lot.  I’ll buy something cheap and if I end up wearing it a lot, then I know if I invest in an expensive pair, it will be a good investment.  I’ve done this with leopard print flats (which then went on to be my most favorite shoe).  Right now I’m hunting for a brown leather pair of flats to replace my Payless ones (which have held up amazingly well considering how much I wear them…)


Boots, $15

I feel like every blogger has some version of this boot.  I’m actually surprised I just got around to buying my own pair.  These run a bit narrow and there is no stretch.  They look really nice in real life and I plan to pair them with a bunch of dresses.


Dress, $29

I LOVE this dress!  When I first saw it on the website, I couldn’t believe it was F21.  It reminds me of something Ralph Lauren would do.  It would be great for summer weddings of which I have two.  In my opinion, it runs just a bit small.  There is no give in the fabric.  It comes in gray as well and you can find both colors in plus size here.  Snap this one up before its gone!



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