Trending (Still): Gingham

Gingham is still going strong for Spring 2018, which is fine by me because I love wearing gingham.  There’s a LOT of stuff out there so get comfortable.  This is going to be a long one.  And as always, everything is under $100.

I basically went to my favorite shopping sites and did a search of “gingham” and looked at what came up.  A LOT came up.  It was a little overwhelming.  But that just means that however you want to incorporate this spring/summer pattern into your wardrobe, you can do it.  And at budget prices.  I went through it all and picked my favorites.  If you don’t see anything you like from my picks, go to the sites and do the same search.  This list is by no means exhaustive.  Let’s start with shoes, since shoes are my favorite.  I’m pretty sure I don’t need thirteen pairs of gingham shoes…but I have no idea how to decide between all of these…


                       Top row: one / two / three / four     Middle row: one / two / three / four                        Bottom row: one / two / three / four / five

Now I’m going to go store by store.  There will be a little of everything but each group will be found at a specific store.  Let’s start with my favorite place to shop…Target!  Target has a TON of gingham.  Pretty much every line they carried had multiple pieces with the print.  It was hard to decide what to feature, so I tried to find some cute things for everyone.  All the pieces below come in regular and plus size except the yellow dress and the pink maternity dress.  The links are only to the size that’s featured, but look around the site if you see something you love in the opposite sizing group.


Blazer, Skirt / Dress / Shirt Dress / Maternity Dress / Cami, Skirt



Dress / Trench coat / Blouse / Shorts / OTS Top / Handbag / Dress

I bought that black gingham dress and the shorts on sale and love them.  I’ll probably go back for the red OTS dress, bag and that cami and skirt combo.

Next up, Old Navy.  Online you can get 30% most things and right now is Super Cash time!  For every $25 you spend, you’ll get $10 in Super Cash.  There are some good picks for plus-size (that bathing suit!) and maternity.  And those pants are Pixie pants, which I swear by.


                                                  Top Row: OTS Top / Pants / Top / Dress                                                        Bottom Row:  Bikini Top / Bikini Bottom / Maternity Dress / One-Piece / Romper

Moving on now to ASOS, my favorite retailer from across the pond.  Actually, they are quickly becoming one of my favorite clothing retailers period.  Here’s why I love them:

  • Their selection of clothing, shoes and accessories is vast and the styles are unique.
  • Affordable!  I always find a ton of stuff for under $100.
  • They offer designer brands and their own in-house brands.
  • Free shipping and returns.  And it’s easy to return things.  I know from experience.
  • Sign up for emails and get coupons!
  • They are one of the few, perhaps only, clothing retailer that offers the same item in multiple size groups: regular, plus, tall, petite, and maternity.

Really guys.  I can’t say enough good things about this site, especially if you are preggers.  I got the cutest (read stylish) maternity formal dress for a wedding last year from ASOS.  And let me tell you, it was no small feat to fit a cute, affordable dress for a seven months baby bump.

This three color, knot-front dress comes in regular, plus and petite.  The yellow off-the-shoulder dress comes in regular, tall and maternity.  And the blue peplum top comes in regular and plus.

Picture167                                   Top Row:  Dress / Skirt / Maternity dress / Dress / Top                                                  Bottom Row:  Top / Dress / Top / Jumpsuit / Shirt

ASOS definitely wins the award for most creative use of gingham and most colors!  Here are a few more because there was just too much cute stuff.


Dress / Bikini Top / Bikini Bottom / Shirt / Dress

Let’s go to Express now.  I always have luck there for great designer inspired looks.  And most of these come in petite too.  Sign up for emails to get coupons and become a Next member to earn points for discounts.


                                            Top Row: Dress / Pants / Shirt / Dress / Top                                                           Bottom Row:  Top / Top / Skirt / Ruffle Top / Shirt

Moving on to TJ Maxx.  Like in the stores, stock is limited.  So if you see something you like, grab it.  Lots of cute tops and dresses.


                                 Top Row:  Ruffle Top / OTS Dress / OTS Top / Dress / Top                                             Bottom Row:  OTS Dress / Blouse / OTS Dress / Blouse / Skirt

Nordstrom is up with some super cute dresses for spring and summer.  I only scratched the surface of their gingham collection.  I highly recommend taking a look at the website to see all the goodies.


                                         Top Row:  Shirt / Trench / Dress / Dress / Top                                                         Bottom Row:  Top / Jumpsuit / Dress / Jumpsuit / OTS Top

Last but certainly not least is Forever 21.  F21 can be tricky if you’re no longer 21.  But if you’re smart about what you buy, you can get some really great stuff for steal.  Quite a few of these styles come in plus as well.  So don’t be afraid to dig!  There are quite a few gingham pieces to choose from.  A couple of these dresses come in multiple colors as well as the tiered skirt.


                                       Top Row:  Dress / Top / Dress / Shorts / Romper                                                   Bottom Row:  Bodysuit / Dress / Dress / Skirt / Jumpsuit / Skirt


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