Replicate: Mara Hoffman Kia Cutout One-Piece

I’m not sure if Mara Hoffman is the designer that debuted this new style of one-piece, but you can now find it in many prints and a lot of colors.  I’ve seen it for a couple years now and finally decided to show the comparison.


Left / Right

Both of these suits look great.  It’s not a style that I will ever try, but I don’t think you can go wrong with either of them.  The dupe doesn’t have the cute bow that the designer one has, but the style of the straps on the dupe is more interesting to me than the designer version.  It also appears, from the images, that the look-a-like might have an over all better fit.   The Mara Hoffman one also comes in the prettest pale pink, if you want to venture away from a black swimsuit.



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