My Cart: Walmart

In this new series, we’ll show you what we bought because we love to share good deals.  These will be items we have in our hands and are already wearing or using.  We hope it saves you some time and makes your trip to the store more efficient.

Walmart has really upped their game this year.  I usually find a few good things every season, but this year it seems like they are trying hard to follow current trends.  The Time and Tru line is leading the way.


Time and Tru Women’s Full Length Soft Knit Color Jegging,  $13

I own both these pairs of “jeans” and will soon be adding a second pair of the darker denim to my collection.  I haven’t done the best job of losing the weight from baby #2 so I needed some cheap jeans that fit well and made me feel dressed.  You can only do leggings outfits so much…

I say these are “jeans” because they aren’t a true denim.  They are described as soft because they are more a stretchy cotton.  So be warned, they stretch to possibly see through a bit if pulled too far.  But they look like jeans, they are comfortable, have pockets and belt loops and they make me feel like I’m trying so they are a win for me.  They also come in a bunch of colors, capri length and up to a size XXL.  I would use caution with the lighter colors, they don’t look like your wearing jeans.  They look like fancy leggings.  And the white pair was particularly bad on me…


Time and Tru Women’s Embroidered Top,  $15

This was such a surprise when I saw it in the store.  That embroidery is real, not printed.  It’s a really soft shirt that didn’t wrinkle too much after wearing it to work all day.  It fits true to size but it’s a loose fit, which is so forgiving for my post baby body right now.  It comes in four different colors and up to size XXL.


Danskin Now Women’s Athletic Low Bungee Shoe,  $15

I bought these shoes last year and they were so good, I bought another pair a month ago.  The sole is memory foam so they are super comfortable.  And you can wear them without socks, which I love for the summer.  I hate wearing socks in the summer.  Hate it.  To give you an idea of how well the shoe works with your foot, I wore these everyday on our Disney World vacation last year.  No problems after chasing a 2.5 year old around three parks all day long.  This is the summer athletic shoe of dreams.


Athletic Works Women’s Soft Running Shoe, $13

This shoe is new this year.  I fell in love with these after seeing Nike, Reebok and other expensive shoe brands coming out with very similar looks.  This is a slip on shoe with a memory foam sole.  Another super comfortable shoe for the summer (no socks!).  I’ve already bought another pair as a back-up in case something happens to the pair I’m wearing around now.


No Boundaries, Lace Edge Bralette,  $8

I was so excited to find this bralette at Walmart for $8!  It looks like some expensive ones that a few bloggers I follow like to wear under their camis.  I wanted to try the look but didn’t want to potentially waste $20+ on a trend that might not work for me.  I bought the black one and it fits like a dream.  The cups are lightly padded so it gives you some support and peace of mind if the temperature drops.  My only complaint is the lace in the v doesn’t lay perfectly flat against my skin.  That might be because I bought the wrong size or the lace.  Either way, it’s a manageable problem.   I plan on getting the white one and the daisy print.  So pretty!


Transformers Rescue Bots Flip Racers Optimus Prime Race Track Trailer, $25

And here’s something for the those of you that might need a cool gift for a kid in the future.  I try to get all my Christmas shopping done before Black Friday.  I hate the stress of trying to shop for something specific at that time so I try to avoid the malls and stores unless absolutely necessary.  This sweet Transformers toy was $60 and is now only $25!  That’s a big drop for a toy this size.  I don’t think it will stay in stock at that price so grab one while you can!


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