Replicate: Becca Crochet One-Piece

Since I hate the weather right now over here in Michigan, I’m going to start the swimsuit search early this year.

This Becca suit has amazing reviews on the Nordstrom website.  It seems like it’s a suit that works on many different body types and looks sexy without showing a lot of skin.  Many bloggers have been talking about it recently (that’s how I found out about it).  I almost bought it a few weeks ago when there was a price match deal on the black one.  I guess everyone grabbed up that color because they don’t have black listed as an option any more.  They do have a really pretty light blue though.  And they also have this designer suit in plus size.

Update:  I must have not looked close enough at the website.  If you want the Becca suit in black, you can find it here.


Left / Right

The look-a-like I found isn’t an exact match, but if you want to try the style and don’t think you’ll get a ton of use out of a swimsuit, it might be a good match for you.  I may or may not have it in my cart right now…

There’s also this one from Target for $40 that’s a decent dupe as well.



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