Steal the Look: Blogger Style

I have been looking for a less expensive version of this dress since I first saw it on Wendy of Wendy’s Lookbook.  Wendy puts together really creative outfits that you can actually copy on your own budget if you want to.

I managed to find a short, white version and a navy, maxi version of her dress (should have grabbed the navy…) but I really wanted to try the orange (I’m trying to get some different colors into my wardrobe…).  I can’t believe I found this close of a dupe in the winter.  And on sale!  I think I will finally pull the trigger and figure out where to wear it later.



Dress / Bag / Sandals

I switched the color of the bag because I wanted it to stand out against the dress, like Wendy did.  If you have your heart set on the red, the store I linked to has red and a bunch of other colors as well…in leather and faux leather.  My sandals are a little different than Wendy’s but I think they work.  They also come in more colors.


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