Replicate: Chanel Butterfly Clutch

This one’s a throwback.  We were doing #tbt for shoes a while ago, now I’ve found some handbags for ya.


Left / Right

This one is so unique I’m surprised it wasn’t a bigger deal when it came out.  I love accessories that are interesting.  I’ve only ever seen it in use with Emma Roberts at one specific even a couple years ago.  Keira Knightly had a similar version at the Golden Globes in 2015.  It’s long sold out but I did manage to find one listed on Tradesy.  If you love the look, but don’t have $3000 to spare, this dupe will get you this look for cheap.  Not sure if this Chanel design will stand the test of time, but it sure is fun.


And if you are particularly crafty, here are step by step instructions on how to make this clutch on your own!  You could even modify it to look like Keira’s!


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