Replicate: Gucci Double G Belt

I’m sure you’ve seen this belt all over the blogs lately.  Can’t really blame them.  This is one of those investment pieces that will become a classic.



Left / Right

If I had an extra $500 dollar laying around, I would invest in the Gucci belt.  It’s leather, reversible and I’m pretty sure it will be iconic someday.  But, alas, I do not have $500 dollars to spend on a belt.

While the cheaper version is not an exact replica, it will give you a similar look.  And you can’t beat a $500 price cut.  Express always has deals so sign up for the emails.  I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t have to pay full price.


Update:  While I was looking around on Amazon, I came across these guys.  They are a closer look and leather…but I can’t comment on the quality.  The Express belt I did see in person and it was nice.  But if yo want to get an even better deal and a closer look-a-like, you can try these.



Left / Right


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