Trending: Triple Ball Earrings

I’m sure you’ve seen some form of these earrings on all the bloggers.  They’re very fun and scream summer to me…although I’m not quite sure why…

I’ve been stalking this style for months now, and while they are super affordable and come in pretty much any color you can imagine, I still haven’t pulled the trigger and gotten a pair.  maybe it’s because while I love jewelry, I never wear it.  Of the two of us, Marta is the one that takes the time to include jewelry into her wardrobe.  Right now, I’m too lazy to do that.  Lol.  Anyway…

Here are a bunch of cute, under $50, choices if you want to jump on the trend before the summer is over.

Here are a few, with some extra balls, all from Forever 21.


And if these colors aren’t what you’re looking for, you can pretty much get every color in the rainbow, in every combination, made with threads or beads, from Etsy and Ebay.  Just follow the link for my search.


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