isabel Maternity by Ingred and Isabel at Target

Heads up all you Mamas-to-be!  While I was in my Target over the weekend, I noticed that the maternity clothes had been moved out of their normal section.  Was Target not carrying maternity clothes any more?!  It can’t be true!

My Target was nice enough to put up a sign letting customers know where they had moved the merchandise.  This made me curious, so i walked over to the new section to check it out.  There was a big sign announcing a new maternity line at Target called isabel Maternity by Ingred and Isabel and they had clothes from the line already out on display.  The styles are more trendy then the Liz Lange line Target carries.  Cute off the shoulder tops and peasant blouses.  Its definitely one to watch if yo are expecting and don’t want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes.


Which brings us to another important issue…is the Liz Lange maternity line at Target is going away for good?!  ALL of the LL clothes were on clearance, including the jeans and basic tanks, which is weird to me because you always need those.  Perhaps it’s just my store making the decision to only carry one maternity line.  I really hope it doesn’t disappear from Target all together.  While I was pregnant with my son, I got a lot of basic tanks and tops to help with my maternity wardrobe from LL.  They are a great quality and fit nicely throughout my pregnancy.  But, if the LL line  is leaving all Targets, not just mine, the bright side of course is that all you mamas-to-be can stock up on jeans and tops for super cheap!  So I suggest snatching up some under and over belly denim now for fall.  You should be ok with sizing even if you aren’t that far along now, just get the two styles I mentioned and you’ll be covered.


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