Trending: Palm Print

Nothing makes me think of Palm Beach, cruises, Florida and warm weather more than palm print.  I’m so excited that this pattern is having a big moment right now.

You find this print in just about any style of clothing or accessory.  Here are some of my favorites. Everything is under $50.  Oh and the top and shorts come in plus size too!

And here’s something I discovered while looking for cool palm print clothes.  ASOS is a British store that have slowly moved to international recognition.  They have a huge website with a lot of name brand clothes and their own line.  You can find just about anything there.  They also offer free shipping and returns, so there’s really not a reason to take advantage of their great prices.  I’ve ordered from them a couple times and been very happy with the quality.  Anyway…

One thing that ASOS does that puts them ahead of other retailers is offering different sizing in the same item.  They have a regular sizing line, ASOS Tall, ASOS Petite, ASOS Curve (plus) and ASOS Maternity.  It’s totally brilliant and I wish others stores would follow this lead.  Why should you have to sacrifice style just because you are a special size? The following dresses come in multiple sizing categories, and they look fabulous for each and every one.


Maxi: Regular / Maternity      Eyelet Side tie: Regular / Tall / Petite     Twist-Front: Regular / Maternity  Petite


White Dress: Tall / Plus / Maternity      Green Dress: Plus / Regular       Maxi: Plus / Regular / Tall



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