Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I’m sure you all know that the annual Nordstrom Anniversary sale starts this Friday (early access for card holders started last week).  I’ve gone through the website and put together my shopping list.  Here are the things i hope will still be in stock when Friday gets here.

I decided to focus on Fall clothes with my list.  I think the reason this sale is so popular is because they put Fall clothes on sale way before the season.  So, if you are good at planning a head, you can get some really good deals.  Since I’m already kinda over summer, I went for all the cute sweaters.  Everything that’s pictured below is under $50.



one / two / three / four




top: necklace / necklace / earrings     bottom: necklace / earrings / belt



And here are a few picks that are under $60.  I don’t know how I’m going to narrow it down to a few “must-haves”…






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