Beauty product review: L’Oreal Infallible Makeup


So, throughout my teenage years I was plagued with severe cystic acne that has left me with a lot of facial scarring (as in lots of pockmarks and hyperpigmentation). Now in my adult life, while I have fewer breakouts (really, will they ever stop?!), I still have very oily skin and discoloration. Add that to the facial scarring and it makes fiding a foundation that makes everything look even a very daunting task… That is until L’Oreal came out with their Infallible makeup line.

This line has been a Godsend! From the setting powder, to the eye shadow and lip stain, it is a hit in my opinion. Particularly, I like to use the Infallible Total Cover Foundation and the Infallible Pro-Matte 16 hour powder. The Foundation has been the only one I have ever tried that completely covers up my discoloration and evens out my skintone by slightly filling out indentations and scars. It feels kind of like the “Benefit Porefessional” primer but with pigment so that it covers up uneveness. It can do so because it contains Alliagel, which is a compound that helps fill-in scars and indentations to smooth out the complexion. It is also the only foundation I have tried that lasts me (with my oily skin) longer than 2 hours. I clocked it at 4.5 instead of the 24 it boasts about, but that is still good in my book since it is almost a full work day.

It also matches my color very well. I am Puerto Rican, so my skin color is tan, but since I live in the Midwest, I tend to be a mix of lighter and darker depending on the season. I have yellow and green undertones (as most latinas with olive skin) and that makes it hard to find a foundation that looks normal with every type of lighting you find throughout the day. The Infallible Total Cover is not perfect in that regard, but it is pretty close. I can put it on in my apartment (with weird fluorescent lights) and then when I look at myself in the mirror of my car, with natural light, I still look normal!! Not pink!! So, I give it a million points for that too.


The powder is very mattifying and can also be used as a total cover alternative that feels lighter on your skin in case you do not want to wear foundation. For people with very oily skin it will not last the 16 hours it says it will, but I clocked it at 5 and that is way better than any other I have ever tried.

Needless to say, I felt I needed to share my experience and review these products. I have literally spent hundreds of dollars on high-end foundations, as well as drugstore ones, that promise staying-power and full coverage without delivering for people with my skin issues. This is the first one that I have felt comfortable wearing without fearing it is melting off my skin within minutes.

It is not very expensive either, which makes it even better! 😉

What is your favorite foundation? Any recommendations?


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