Steal the Look: Marilyn Monroe

Ever since I saw this picture of Marilyn Monroe on the beach, I had to have that bathing suit!  I mean come on.  It’s sexy and totally functional.  Plus, I have a soft spot for anything vintage.  More on that later…


I was able to find the same look, in a bunch of colors and patterns, but they were expensive and I had to order online.  I have no problem ordering online, but a suit needs to fit just right which usually requires trying on more than one size and I like to be able to return things to the store.  So, my search lasted a couple years.  Last year I found a suit that was a perfect copy for $35…from Walmart!  But, I procrastinated and lost it.  Early this year it came back in stock so I grabbed one…well two.  And it was seriously like going back in time. The quality was amazing and the fit was perfect.  I might get a third one…cuz it’s on sale for $22!  Oh, and did I mention it comes in plus size?!

I also found an even cheaper one that should work.  I can’t comment on the quality of the suit, but if you want to give the look a try, it won’t set you back much.

These next two are also a great match and the sizing includes plus sizes!



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