Replicate: Cult Gaia Ark bag

I’m sure you’ve seen this bag all over the internet.  EVERY blogger seems to own it.  As far as designer bags go, the Gaia’s Ark bag is not a bad price.  But, when you can save money, why not?

The Gaia one comes in two different sizes and a bunch of colors, so, if you think about it that way, the price is pretty good.  I just ordered the dupe (with my consignment money, holla!).  It only comes in one color and size.  Sign up for emails and get discount codes (I got 30% off!)  I’ve ordered from this site a lot.  The bags are great and they have a lot of inspired bags.

Update:  I received the dupe this weekend and it’s pretty good!  Seems sturdy and looks much more expensive than I was anticipating.  I would snatch this bag up if it’s been on your list.


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