Replicate: Gucci Princeton Slipper

So excited to bring you guys The Style Chimera’s first dupe!  Or as we in the science world call them, replicates. I have to admit, the first time I saw this style making the rounds, I was a hesitant.  I wasn’t really sure I could pull it off.  But they look so chic, no?  I was really excited when I found this cheaper version to give the trend a try.  And I had a coupon, so it was like the universe was forcing me to buy them.  They are surprisingly easy to wear and comfortable.  I think they might end up being a new classic so I’m seriously debating  about upgrading to real leather…

There is also a even closer match to the Gucci ones by Merona from Target, but its been sold out online for some time.  Stalk your Targets to see if you can get them in store.


One thought on “Replicate: Gucci Princeton Slipper

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