First Outfit Post!

In this section, both Mandi and I will be posting our inspiration for outfits, as well as give you a glimpse of each of our personal styles.

They are a mix of thrifty, bohemian, conservative, eccentric, elegant, adventurous and fun… depending on how we feel that day or how lab work will go for us. Additionally, we hope this section will give you ideas on how to dress for work in a business casual environment, without breaking the bank. You will see we both repeat items of clothing all the time, but style them in different ways. Maybe a new piece of jewelry here, flats vs. tennis shoes there… All to show you can dress your best in a budget, without losing that flirty and fun side of fashion we all love!

I usually plan my outfits for work, as well as the jewelry (if any) that I will wear with them, on the Sunday of the start of the work week. This is a nice and relaxing time for me, because I can be creative and lay out all the possibilities I want to try that week. It also allows me to just get up, work out (maybe…) and get ready for work without spending that extra time in the mornings rushing to figure out what to wear. I’ll document more about that here later.

The work week of April 3 to the 7th was a short and casual one for me, so I only have 3 out of 5 work day outfits here. I was in the lab all day, every day, that week in order to finish all my work before I took days off, so I wanted to be comfy.

They are all Merona tops from Target (wearing Large here, for reference… also, all my coworkers say I look like a bumblebee when I wear this, ha!) and the bottoms are Rockstar jeans/jeggins from Old Navy (Short length, size 16). I’m 5’3” (or 5’2.5”according to some physicians), and have full hips and thighs that I feel look pretty good with these bottoms. As such, they have quickly become my favorites.

All the items here are from last year. I think all the tops were around $19.00-$23.00, but I got most with Cartwheel deals (10-15% off if I remember correctly) from Target (except the black and white one, which I loved so much I got for full price). The bottoms I got with Old Navy Supercash that I had or friends had given me (except the burgundy/purple ones, which I got full price at $27.99).

Remember, you and your confidence will make ANY outfit look great. So don’t be afraid to experiment!


P.S. “Besitos” means “little kisses” in Spanish, or just “kisses” 😉

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