Welcome to The Style Chimera!

In the ancient world, Greece to be specific, a chimera was a lion with the head of a goat coming out of its back and a snake for a tail.  In other words, it was a hybrid and a fearsome one at that.  It was also a really cool concept and it should come as no surprise that when the scientific community started exploring genetics, they adopted the term “chimera”.


In the scientific world, a chimera is a single organism composed of cells from different zygotes (fertilized egg), essentially having multiple sets of DNA.  In other words, a hybrid.  See what those scientists did there? Not only does the ancient term fit its modern-day equivalent, it sounds super cool too.  🙂


You could say that Marta and I are, in a way, a chimera.  Two separate people that have a freakishly lot in common (a love of fashion, science, deals…), but have lived very different lives.  Thus the name, The Style Chimera.


Mandi and Marta in the lab

Visit our About section to learn more about how we met and got to where we are today.  Check out The Style Chimera Promise to know what you can expect from our blog.  We’re excited to start this new journey with you and hope to hear from you from time to time!  Enjoy the ride!


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